How do we equip students with the skills and competencies for an increasingly digitalised world and at the same time ensure flourishing and future-ready learners? 

This inaugural International Education Conference organised by Singapore Management University and Principals Academy brings you strategies from thought leaders and educators from top performing schools in the world, such as Westminster School (United Kingdom) and African Leadership Academy (South Africa) on how to develop agile and adaptable youth in this technological era.


Beyond the taught curriculum, it also explores and celebrates positivity, resilience and empathy that all effective schools must promote to ensure that our students are able to thrive in a complex and volatile world.

Highlights for Educators, School Administrators and Leaders:


  • Arming our Students for Future X

  • Beyond PISA: Preparing Students for the Challenges of a Complex & Volatile World

  • Leadership Skills for an Age of Disruption

  • Digital Readiness: Coding, MakerSpaces, Fake News and Media Literacy

  • Well-being Measurement in Schools

  • Secrets behind the Success of the Top Spanish Football Teams


Learn also about Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Personalised Learning, Positive Education, Appreciative Inquiry, Flourishing Communities in our Primary and Secondary Schools, Training in Resilience and many more.

Speakers Featured:


  • Professor Arnoud De Meyer, President, Singapore Management University

  • Patrick Derham, Head Master, Westminster School (top performing school on PISA)

  • Hatim Eltayeb, Dean, African Leadership Academy

  • Adrian Lim, Director, Director, Digital Literacy and Participation, Digital Readiness Cluster & Director, Innovation, Info-communications Media Development Authority

  • Samuel Cammiss, Director of Innovation, Deloitte Southeast Asia

  • Dr Peggy Kern, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Positive Psychology, Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

  • Dr Sergio Cervantes, CEO Real Madrid Foundation Soccer Academy

Who Should Attend:

  • Future-oriented Administrators and Educators

  • School Leaders and Heads

  • Education Career Counsellors

  • Staff Developers

  • Curriculum Planners

  • Technology Heads

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